My Sitter and Her First Cloth Diaper Experience

Isn't she cute?

So I had a comical experience yesterday with our babysitter. Well, she really is my baby cousin, and by baby cousin I mean twenty something college graduate who just moved back to Connecticut, and I am thanking my lucky stars she is not only amazing with kids, but my kids love her.

I went to chop all my hair off in an extreme move to combat mom hair, which I think worked but I will get back to you in a week on that one, and Caitlin came to babysitter for a couple hours.

Her words?  “You deserve a child free haircut” and there was no way I was going to argue that!

Well Caitlin had her first cloth diaper experience today. In the past I have left out disposable diapers I have had laying around the house for Ben and for Addison. Today I did the same, but she got brave and decided to give the whole cloth diaper thing a try.

Well… when I came home Addison had just got a new diaper, and I looked quick and noticed she had a different cover on than when I left.

Well when I looked closer I saw the diaper itself was actually on backwards. I pointed it out to Caitlin and we both had a great laugh about it.

It was hysterical and cute all at the same time. She certainly gave it a good old college try, and I am sure next time she will know the front from the back of the diapers.

Oh, and of course I got her permission to write this, because of course she thought it was hysterical as well!

Have you ever had a diaper mishap?

photo: cousin Caitlin


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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