My Top 10 Teething Remedies

Best invention ever!

Teething us upon us!  In full force!

Addie is drooling up a storm, putting everything in her mouth, and just is not herself because of the discomfort!   It kills me to see her crabby so I have been doing anything in my power to help her be more comfortable and get over this whole teething episode.  At least this time around!

So I figured I would share my favorite 10 tricks, products, and helpful hints for helping your small fry dealing with teething!

I would love for some of the readers to chime in with your own favorites of what works, and what doesn’t for your kids!
And I hope some of my own tricks and tips work for some of you guys with teething tots!

  • Hyland’s Teething Tablets 1 of 10
    Hyland's Teething Tablets
    Old formula or new formula... I swear by them! They have helped with all of my children incredibly. It was the ONLY thing that would help either of my boys!
  • Plush Toys 2 of 10
    Plush Toys
    While it doesn't seem like it will help, letting your little one chew on a plush toy like Addie's Owlie helps a ton!
  • Wooden Teethers 3 of 10
    Wooden Teethers
    Give wooden teethers a try! They are helpful, especially once they have teeth!
  • Amber Teething Necklaces! 4 of 10
    Amber Teething Necklaces!
    Amber is amazing for helping a teething baby. As long as you supervise your little one with the necklace of course!
  • Teething Bling 5 of 10
    Teething Bling
    I love my teething bling, and so does Addie! It is wearable jewelry for moms, that are also teethers for your kiddos!
  • Frozen Washclothes 6 of 10
    Frozen Washclothes
    Frozen washclothes are awesome for teething babies. Something cold to chew on, and it is something most have around their house already!
  • Teething Rings 7 of 10
    Teething Rings
    These are the best because you can freeze them, or your little one can use them not frozen or out of the package.
  • Frozen Pacifier 8 of 10
    Frozen Pacifier
    Most babies will take them already so just popping it in the freezer for a little bit before giving it to the baby makes it a nice soothing treat for them to help their gums.
  • Fingers 9 of 10
    What is better than chewing on fingers?
  • Whiskey… JUST KIDDING! 10 of 10
    Whiskey... JUST KIDDING!
    Just ask your grandmother right? Whiskey is the best for a teething baby? ((EYEROLL)) Had to throw some kind of sarcasm in there right? Wouldn't be me if I didn't!

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