My Top 10 Useless Baby Products

Even Addie is bored!

There are so many products on the market for babies… I mean, seriously have you ever seen the inside of a Babies R Us?   I mean, don’t get me wrong… I love the place, it is like my big girl playground, and it is a serious enemy of my bank account as well.

But sometimes I am walking around the store wondering to myself… what the hell would you even use that for? Not to mention some of these fancy new baby products cost more than my first car even did!  

Some of the products I even had to try out for myself to understand what the big deal was about, and can’t imagine using them again, or even suggesting other new mothers run out and invest in these products, or even register for them when it comes time for the arrival of their little one.

Of course I am sure there are some moms out there who swear by these products, in which I simply say, everyone does things differently!

  • 1- Baby Care Timer 1 of 10
    1- Baby Care Timer
    Do you really need a timer to tell you when you need to feed or change your baby? I know some first time moms are worried about not knowing, but believe me... your baby will let you know!
  • 2- Baby Shoes 2 of 10
    2- Baby Shoes
    Before your little one is 6+ months old or even after and they are crawling, and starting to get mobile... they are totally useless. Also most pediatricians recommend soft shoes for the first 18 months for foot development, and walking development.
  • 3- Bedding Sets 3 of 10
    3- Bedding Sets
    While they are adorable, they are over priced, and sometimes unsafe. Crib bumpers are a big nono for little ones, and they are the most expensive item in the set. Do what I did... pick and choose what you want and make your own set! Most sell the items separately.
  • 4- Car Seat Bunting 4 of 10
    4- Car Seat Bunting
    A blanket does the same job, and I am willing to bet you have a ton of them! After three children, one being a winter baby, I realized how absolutely useless this is. And we live in New England!
  • 5- Jumparoo 5 of 10
    5- Jumparoo
    How are these things still sold? Not the regular Jumparoo but the ones that actually are death traps by attaching to door frames.
  • 6- Pacifier Clip 6 of 10
    6- Pacifier Clip
    While we have lost our fair share of "binks" over the years, I find these completely useless and hideous! Not to mention depending on the age of your little one, wouldn't they be a little unsafe?
  • 7- Pacifier Wipes 7 of 10
    7- Pacifier Wipes
    Wipes specifically for pacifiers? Really? Do I need to say more?
  • 8- Pee Pee Tee Pee’s 8 of 10
    8- Pee Pee Tee Pee's
    Unless you are planning to take 45 minutes changing a diaper, they aren't really worth much. Out of two boys I think I have had a pee incident maybe a half dozen times.
  • 9- Walker 9 of 10
    9- Walker
    I didn't even know they sold these anymore because so many children were hurt in them over the years. I would skip the walker and go for an exersaucer that doesn't move anywhere, and simply helping your little one learn how to walk. Save the hundred bucks, and the possible ER bill.
  • 10- Wipes Warmer 10 of 10
    10- Wipes Warmer
    Are wipes REALLY that cold?

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