My True Moments of Happiness As a Mother

Happiness Is..

I’ve spent all day playing with my baby girl. On this, her official birthday. As you may know, we had her big soiree with other family and friends last weekend.

Tonight I’m thinking we’ll take her to this big indoor playground we have in town since it’s been raining hard all day (MUCH needed). There’s all sorts of germs she can associate herself with there and a ball pit I can throw her in.

I kid. That’s her brother’s bliss.

I’ve been ruminating much of the day and jotting down words and sentences into my journal that my tired brain strings together. Wherein I plan to get all mushy and introspective on this past year, and pen a letter to my daughter. I’ll be posting it later on my personal blog and link up here thereafter. There may even be a video of clips from the past year if I’m feeling frisky.

Part of these swirling thoughts and feelings have revolved around the mad beauty that is mother-hood and I got to thinking how truly blessed and happy I am. So what are my TRUE moments of happiness as a mother? Find out after the jump. You may be surprised.

  • Newborn Smell 1 of 10
    Newborn Smell
    You know the scent of your newborn's head? Yeah. That. Also related; freshly washed baby, baby rolls and baby feet.
  • Cloth-Diapering 2 of 10
    Sic(k), I know. I have a minor addiction to building up my stash and think babies look most adorable in a fluffy cloth diaper.
  • Naps 3 of 10
    Straight up. I love my babies. I also like showering, having some time to do laundry so I can wear clean clothes, cook good food for my family, drink coffee, get work done - that sort of thing. Also related? Naps for me. Doesn't happen often, but when it does...glory be.
  • Dressing Them 4 of 10
    Dressing Them
    It's true. I get immense satisfaction from dressing my littles. Whoever said dressing girls was more fun than boys, clearly has not embraced to possibilities. As you can see, both of my kids be stylin'.
  • Breastfeeding 5 of 10
    Despite all of my struggles, I hold the memories of my babes' at breast close to heart. That feeling of nurturing your little one? Body and soul? Life changing and empowering.
  • Co-Sleeping 6 of 10
    While we've only done it for the 1st year with each of our kids, there is a such a sweet bond to be had in the embrace of you little one curled up net to you. When they wrap their arms around your neck or drape an arm across your middle (my toddler does this), or caress your cheek? Thy own heart goes BOOM.
  • Not Co-Sleeping 7 of 10
    Not Co-Sleeping
    That's right. Now that the babes are out of our bedroom (save for the morning twilight crawl-in, to-cuddle-and-fall-back-asleep-sessions), we have our lair back. Bring on the sexy times. Bow-Chicca-Wow-Wow.
  • Watching Them Grow, Discover & Learn 8 of 10
    Watching Them Grow, Discover & Learn
    It's bittersweet, this baby growing and learning (them and me) business. On one hand - I celebrate in each and every milestone, clap with joy for them each and every time they figure something out and adore watching their personalities and appearance grow throughout the months. On the other hand, the heart aches for all the days and stages gone by. Motherhood. Strangely beautiful, quantified by each and every challenge or achievement.
  • Family-Time 9 of 10
    Obviously. That's what it's all about right? I'm just beginning to learn the intricate beauty and lessons to be found in living by the mantra that less is more. Less work that pays more so that we can spend more time to together as a family. That's it in a nutshell. Attaining a higher quality of life is no easy feat, but oh-so worth it. For me, my children and my family. I plan outings and activities together with great joy and take no less in doing them. I, myself, feel like a kid at times. This is good. I am sure of it. Related: watching the bond between my kids grow. The constant monitoring lest somebody gets launched down the stairs? Not so much.
  • Remembering Who I Am & Where I’m From 10 of 10
    Remembering Who I Am & Where I'm From
    It's not like I have it all figured out, or that I'm all done growing up as a human. That path has no end in sight. As it should be. However. I revel in motherhood. I muck about with turning the parts of my past that are pain; into truth, into beauty. Which means not forgetting that there are parts of me that require time and space to be wild and free. It may not happen often, but in order to rejoice in my everyday life, I am the type of woman who needs to indulge in herself every now and then.

What are your true happy moments as a mother?

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