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Are you on Instagram? It’s addicting. I spend every morning over coffee browsing my feed and every night before I go to bed I look through the images and catch-up with all of my friends, bloggers, and family. I love Instagram. Clearly, it’s a serious obsession. I am sure you figured that out when I wrote this post  about all of my favorite apps when Instagram-ing pictures of Grayson. It is so much fun! I love being able to snap pictures and capture moments on my iPhone but this social media app makes it THAT much better. It’s been a crazy busy week for this momma of 5. from spending many days in the doctor’s office to a coffee date with my 3-year-old.

  • What a Monday! 1 of 12
    What a Monday!
    This is what I woke up to Monday morning. My sweet girl. Kennadi has been having such a hard time battling asthma.
  • I’m Sitting Up 2 of 12
    I'm Sitting Up
    Grayson started the week with a milestone -- sitting up!
  • Lots of Doctor Visits 3 of 12
    Lots of Doctor Visits
    This week we visited the doctors quite a few times as Grayson has struggled with his RSV and asthma. We went to the doctors 3 out of 5 days.
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  • Happy Birthday M! 4 of 12
    Happy Birthday M!
    McKenzie turned 6! We celebrated with a Barbie themed, Paris inspired party.
  • Main Man 5 of 12
    Main Man
    And as you can see, Grayson was the ladies man at the party.
  • Coffee Date 6 of 12
    Coffee Date
    I had a coffee date with Kennadi. We chatted about about the doctors and Elmo over her parfait.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Obsession 7 of 12
    Yo Gabba Gabba Obsession
    Sadie and Grayson have a serious love for that show. I think it's pretty obvious in this picture.
  • Bossy Pants 8 of 12
    Bossy Pants
    Sadie runs the park. Hands on the hips and all. We are so lucky to have a park one block from our house.
  • Neb Treatments 9 of 12
    Neb Treatments
    Along with being at the doctors, many neb treatments have been needed. Here is Grayson trying to chew his mask at the doctors.
  • They Make Me Laugh 10 of 12
    They Make Me Laugh
    Once again Sadie has propped up the iPad for herself and Grayson too!
  • We Say Smile….. 11 of 12
    We Say Smile.....
    and they stick out their tongues. Thanks girl!
  • My Lunch 12 of 12
    My Lunch
    Yep, this was my lunch yesterday. It was 92 degrees and called for an ice cream sandwich. Best lunch in a long time!
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