My Work Here is Done: Peony Learns to Clap Totally on Her Own (VIDEO)

Baby clapping
She's happy, she knows it, she claps her hands

I already knew Peony was freakishly adorable. I also knew she was unbelievably chill. Now it turns out she’s ridiculously brilliant. And I’m pretty sure my work here is done.

The other day she was in her Exersaucer (God love ’em) and I looked over and she was clapping. Clapping!

Here’s the strange thing: I’ve never even tried to teach her to clap (you know, Second Child Syndrome and all). Which means she gets that it’s a thing and she just did it on her own. Clearly she’s exceptional (she’s only 8-months-old, after all — go ahead and Google at what age most babies start clapping. Go ahead. I’ll wait.). And apparently she doesn’t need me.

I mean, yeah, she needs to me to nurse her anywhere from 4-6 times a day, feed her solids 3 times a day, change her diaper every time she poops (which is, like 6 times a day — no joke) and cuddle her endlessly.

But all the other stuff? She’s totally got it, yo.

Because my Peony is just smart like that, apparently.

Just for fun, take a look at a video of her clapping. And be prepared to die a little from the cuteness.

When did your baby start clapping? And be honest, you had to teach him/her, right? Because only Peony is this special, right?

Photo & video credit: Meredith Carroll

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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