Name Your Kid This and No One’s Safe

You named me WHAT?!
You named me WHAT?!

Prospective parents spend a lot of time mulling over what to name their baby, but I think we can all agree that it’s equally important to know what not to name your kid.

An article over on Thought Catalog dissects a pretty funny Reddit thread wherein people state the one baby name that makes them want to punch someone’s face.


You know that old gem? Heaven spelled backwards?

A couple Reddit users claim they know kids named Yarp and Evol. Figured it out yet? Yeah, that’s pray and love spelled backwards. Who’s to know the real truth, though? It’s kinda like that urban legend where a mom names her kid Le-ah (pronounced Ledasha) which has so far only proved to be just that; an urban legend. Snopes has yet to find a real child named Le-ah.

So, according to Reddit, Neveah makes people feel less than heavenly. Other names with religious connotation also grate on the nerves of Reddit users: Hope, Faith, Chastity. Another trend folks who populate Internetdom aren’t so thrilled about? The -ayden/-aiden names.

“Anything ending in -den. Braden, Kayden, Jayden, freaking-punch-you-in-the-faceden.”

I decided to poll my own group of nearly 2,000 Facebook friends and it seems they agree that the whole -ayden/-aiden thing is the one baby-naming trend that nearly inspires them to violence.

“…the Aidens, and Jaidens, and Kaidens, and all the other ones that rhyme with it.” says Megan Baznik

Jaclyn Bzura agrees and adds another trend that bugs her. “Must agree on Brayden, Aiden, Cailyn, Caden, basically the whole ‘den, lee, lyn’ thing is pretty annoying.”

Jodie Dello Stritto concurs that the whole -lee/-lyn thing is out of hand. “Kaylee, Kylee, Rylee (Kayleigh! Kyleigh! Ryleigh!) my husband just took my daughter’s class on a field trip and came home complaining that all the girls names sound the same: Ava, Evie, Ali, Ella …”

Speaking of “Kayleigh, Kyleigh and Ryleigh,” if you’re looking to name your kid something that doesn’t annoy folks you may want to avoid all the yoonique spellings. Sarah Eileen says she once knew a ‘Nikoal, while Sabrina advises: “Just say no to Kymberleighs.”

Solid advice, methinks.

What one baby name or trend annoys you?


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