Names That Bite: Supernatural Hits Home

It seems like watching supernatural movies and TV isn’t enough these days. This Jezebel article asks, why not name your baby after that sexy werewolf or sparkly vampire?

According to Laura Wattenberg, there has long been a tradition of naming trends stemming from shows pairing supernatural themes with attractive young women.

We’ve gathered our list of influential fantasy shows that spawned a generation of baby names.


  • Twilight 1 of 6
    We all know that some of the fastest rising names in America are linked to the Twilight series. The #1 boy and girl names in the US are right now are Jacob and Isabella. Almost the entire cast is represented in the list of names climbing in popularity. Bella (#48), Edward (#136), Alice (#172), Emmett (#273), Jasper (#286), Cullen (#413), Rosalie (#509), Esme (#921) are quickly climbing the charts. In 2009, the year the book series concluded, 17 baby girls were even given the name Renesmee.

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  • Bewitched 2 of 6
    If you think Twilight has been influential, it has nothing on Bewitched. In 1964, a nose-twitching witch named Samantha won the hearts of America. The name quickly shot from obscurity to #137 on the top 1,000 list. Samantha has become an American naming standard, coming in at #15 in last year's list. (Which beats Bella, Cullen, Jasper, Alice and Emmett combined.)

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3 of 6
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    In 1997, when Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered, neither Willow nor Xander were commonplace on the naming landscape. By the series end Willow had jumped to #530, and Xander had moved all the way to #237.

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  • Vampire Diaries 4 of 6
    Vampire Diaries
    Vampire Diaries premiered in 2009, and has already had an effect on the baby names. Elena, the lead character's name, was already moving up the charts, but the show seems to have magnified the effect. And the two beaus vying for her affection have had an effect, too. Both Damon and Stefan were moving down the popularity ladder but had a swift reversal after the show premiered.

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  • True Blood 5 of 6
    True Blood
    According to, Sookie was the second most searched name on their website in 2011. It was preceded only by, you guessed it, Isabella. The name has yet to break the top 1,000 but it appears that plenty of parents are considering the name once used solely as a nickname for Susan.

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  • Charmed 6 of 6
    Charmed may not be remembered as a cultural phenomenon, but that did not limit its naming influence. In 1998 when it premiered, Piper wasn't on the top 1,000. The next year, it moved to #700, and it now sits at the very comfortable #147. Phoebe also moved up the charts in this time period (with a lot of help from another cultural phenom, Friends).

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Did you find inspiration for your little one’s name in supernatural pop culture? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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