Naming Duggar #20

Everyone is fascinated by the Duggars their lifestyle, the unending line of children, and all of those J names! The family with 19 children announced earlier this week that they are expecting their 20th child, and that Michelle is due in April.

From my own experience, finding a name can be difficult. I couldn’t even imagine attempting to find a name for a new baby after naming 19 children before it, and to add to the task they use the very limiting qualifier of starting each name with the letter J.

Based on the names they have already chosen, here are my best guesses as to what #20’s name might be:

  • Swapping G for J 1 of 8
    Swapping G for J
    One of the most discussed Duggar names has to be Jinger with a J. Considering she is one of the older daughters, there is always speculation as to why they reached for a name generally spelled with a G so early on.

    Perhaps we'll be seeing a Jenavieve, Jemma, or Jina this go around?
  • Double Named Boys 2 of 8
    Double Named Boys
    The Duggars are no strangers to the double name. The patriarch goes by Jim Bob and they have a son named John-David. The French also have an affinity for hyphenated names.

    Perhaps we can expect a Jean-Pierre?

  • Classic Girls Names 3 of 8
    Classic Girls Names
    Not all the Duggar girls have unconventional monikers. They have two girls named Jennifer and Jill.

    They have yet to dip into the Julia-related names, maybe one of those will be next?

  • The Boys Go Biblical 4 of 8
    The Boys Go Biblical
    The Duggars have reached for Biblically linked names quite a few times (only for their boys, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Jedidiah).

    It's surprising that they haven't yet used the top American boys name, Jacob. But I would really like to see their next boy named Judah.

    image: flickr | GeoWombats
  • Hyphenated Girls Names 5 of 8
    Hyphenated Girls Names
    As they love the double name, they have two girls named Joy-Anna and Jordyn-Grace. I wouldn't be too surprised if we saw another.

    Perhaps there is a Jade-Marie or June-May in the future?

  • Classic Boy Names 6 of 8
    Classic Boy Names
    Many of the boys at the Duggar household have names that fall into the classic category: Joshua, Joseph, Justin, and James.

    We could easily see a Joel or Jesse this time around.
  • Familiar but Unusual 7 of 8
    Familiar but Unusual
    Several of the girls names fall into an interesting category. They sound familiar but are quite unusual, such as Jana and Jessa.

    I think the next baby girl could easily have a name with a similar sound like Joelle, or Janel.

  • Wildcard 8 of 8
    The Duggars are nothing if surprising in their choices, so I have two wild card selections.

    For a girl, Jubilee. It speaks to their religious background as well as the sense of whimsy they use in naming their girls specifically.

    For a boy, Jericho. It's another name with biblical ties, but with a little more gusto then some of the other name choices.

What are your guesses for the next Duggar baby name?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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