Nap Time Is a Daily Battle I Can’t Seem to Win

ID-100189122You know that sage advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps” in order to keep your sanity as a new parent? Well, what happens when your baby won’t sleep? Like, not even a nap during the day?

My older kids were never really “good sleepers,” whatever that means, and so when Silver was born I didn’t anticipate he would be a baby who slept a lot either. What I didn’t take into consideration though was how different this time around was going to be when it came to my sleep and feeling rested.

Back in the day when my now older kids were younger, I had the luxury to sleep when they slept. And they actually did take naps during the day, despite their hatred for sleeping soundly during the night. I had built-in time for about one to two hours in the afternoon to either catch up on house things and/or take a nap myself. I had all three kids on the same sleep schedule and really used that time to recharge.

I don’t get that built-in time with my fourth child. Things are different with new responsibilities and routines, and to top that all off, Silver does not like to or — better yet — can’t seem to nap during the day. This lack of sleep I chalk up to the older three kids being around all the time (we’re homeschooling) and all the noise that’s around. He doesn’t like to sleep in my room by himself and I don’t have the time or muscles to hold him for the whole time he should be napping.  He will sleep for about 10 minutes at a time before he’s woken up by something or nothing, and then we’re back to being awake for what feels like forever. I no longer have that recharge time nor do I have time to complete even part of my massive to-do list.

And it’s taking a bit of a toll on my sanity.

Do you have any tips on how to help carve out some time for Silver to get some daytime naps in? I’d love any and all of your advice!

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