How I Got My Baby To Nap On the Go

Getting my baby to nap has always been a challenge. I’m pretty sure she suffers from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Sometimes I try to put myself in her shoes and imagine what she thinks goes on during nap time and I’m pretty sure it includes us eating rice cereal sundaes and while splashing around in the bathtub without her. That’s just my guess though.

Up until about a month ago I couldn’t really even get her to nap at all and she was always so fussy at the end of the day because of it. Now nap times involve me laying down, nursing her to sleep, and then sometimes (if I’m sneaky enough) I’m able to leave after awhile (today it took over an hour) and actually get some things done. Sometimes naps on the go have been necessary, but they just weren’t happening aside from 15 minute power naps in the car.

BUT…recently I’ve discovered the secret to my baby’s nap-on-the-go success!

Find out the secret after the jump!

Enter the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe. I had some leftover gift cards from Fern’s baby shower and this looked intriguing, so I bought it and it was quite possibly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

This wonderful little giraffe is cute and snuggly and plays soothing sounds that lull her to sleep and it’s awesome. Since getting this last week, Fern has napped on-the-go on three separate occasions for at least 45 minutes! Yesterday we played frisbee golf with some friends and pushed her around in her stroller snuggled up with her giraffe friend and she slept for about an hour and a half. It’s like pure magic.

It’s not like we were strangers to the powers of white noise (Fern sleeps with a white noise machine every night), but there’s just something about the lulling sounds of this little giraffe that casts a spell on my baby and she’s particularly fond of the jungle drum beat. Whatever the case, I’m counting my blessings for Cloud B these days!

What tricks do you use to get your little one to nap on-the-go?

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