ND Mom Leaves Hospital With Wrong Baby

baby_switched_at_birth_pm-thumb-270x270Having done this parenting blogger gig for awhile, the old “babies switched at birth” story starts to get a little old-hat. But I always find them fascinating, including this latest one: A mother in North Dakota left Mercy Medical Center in Williston with the wrong baby, only to have the mistake discovered shortly thereafter.

The hospital isn’t talking about what the heck happened here understandably, they want to mimize their lawsuit exposure, but they are reviewing their procedures for discharge after the event. According to another story I saw, there weren’t a whole lot of babies in the hospital at the time. I wonder if because it’s a smaller hospital in what appears to be a smallish town, they don’t have high tech procedures in place like the big suburban hospital I had my babies in (we had to cross check wristbands whenever the babies entered or left our room).

But before we judge the mom for not knowing her own baby, let’s acknowledge a truth: Newborns can be hard to tell apart. When I had my son, my husband and I spent some time outside the nursery window admiring a baby that we thought was ours (although to both our credit we kept saying “that’s him right? I mean I think so, but…” ). Biggish for a newborn? Check. Dark spiky hair? Check. Long fingers? Check. Then we went back to our room, to discover our favorite nurse at the door pushing our actual baby in his bassinett. Oops.

I’m just glad things worked out okay and no harm was done.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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