Need Help Coming Up With a Unique But Not Ridiculous Baby Name?

People are always telling me that they like the names I picked out for my children. Usually I just say, “I know! Aren’t they great?” But sometimes I’ll tell the story of how I didn’t think of the name Matilda until an hour before her face felt room air for the first time. Elby was already Elby and Sadie had been chosen by me and was given to “Baby B” who was the smaller of the two babies. For “Baby A” I wanted a name that was strong. A protector. We thought of Audrey, Nina and a few others (which were not my favorite but were approved by my husband) but still hadn’t come up with the perfect name while I was being prepped for my C-sec. There was no way I was having one baby named and one with no name when they came out so I was looking through magazines for names when I came across Matilda. I pitched it to my husband and as soon as he nodded his head it was done.

But tons of people stress over what to name their kids. And for those that don’t want to go with Aiden or Kaitlan I have compiled a few of my favorite offbeat, unique but not redonkulous names. If you have others, go ahead and comment! Don’t keep them to yourselves! That’s selfish.

  • Sullivan 1 of 15
    I say this is totally cute for a girl but could be a boy's name too. Nickname Sully am I right? Who doesn't want a boy or girl named for a guy who saved a lot of people on a plane. Also I love last names for first names.
  • Elliot 2 of 15
    One of my kid's preschool teachers has a daughter named Elliot and I'm in love with that name. You're welcome. I do think it also works for a boy. If you have a boy and want to go with that name, it's fine by me is what I'm saying.
  • Flynn 3 of 15
    For a boy I think Flynn is really cool. I also like Finn but I know so many of them already. But I do also like Finn so if that strikes your fancy, you heard it here.
  • Quinn 4 of 15
    Come on!! For a boy or girl. You could do Quincy for a girl and use Quin as a nickname or just go Quin for a boy or girl.
  • West 5 of 15
    This is the name of the brother of one of the twins' friends. I think it's going to be hot!
  • Willa 6 of 15
    Some of you may not remember this but when Rachel from Six Feet Under had a baby in the last season, she named her Willa. I thought for sure I'd give that name to my baby if I had a girl but my husband said no. He's so dumb! I also love Willow even though it's Jada and Will Smith's kid's name.
  • Ruby 7 of 15
    Okay, I know it's not so uncommon but it's not overdone either. Beautiful name, highly recommend it. Unfortunately my husband vetoed that one too because he thought it sounded like a diner waitress. Again, he's dumb. He wanted to name our kid Catherine so that tells you where he's coming from.
  • Violet 8 of 15
    Another one like the last one that's no super common but is pretty socially easy. I think it's gorgeous and that would've been my next name pick (Jon approved) had we not gone with the ones we have.
  • August 9 of 15
    This is a great boy's name. It could also be a girl but seeing as I'm short on boy's names, it's going in the B column. Auggie for short? If we had a boy that was the name we picked.
  • Georgia 10 of 15
    Loooove this name. Another one that wasn't approved by Jon. When Elby was a few months old I met a mom whose daughter had that name and I almost died of jealousy. I got over though cause Elby is an Elby.
  • Elby, Sadie and Matilda 11 of 15
    Elby, Sadie and Matilda
    All three are great names. You are welcome to any of them. Especially Elby! She's named after her great grandfather Elbert and she's the only Elby we know of. You can change that! Also, Sadie and Matilda are winners. Nuff said.
  • Harper 12 of 15
    Another one at the top of our list but a friend had a kid around the same time as we did and named her girl that. Are you distracted by this pic of Sadie? I know. She's a looker.
  • Lyle 13 of 15
    Great boy name. I'm not sure if it could be a girl's name. I'm thinking not. But for a boy? Perfection.
  • Marley 14 of 15
    Just like it. I have no explanation. It's a little masculine a little feminine a lot cute.
  • Clementine 15 of 15
    For those with an adventurous spirit, I think this is a great choice. Sure there's a celeb somewhere with a baby named Clementine but it's no Apple! Let me know your thoughts!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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