New Photo Fad: Babies and Burritos!


A restaurant in Seattle is sparking a new baby photo fad: babies and burritos!

Gorditos offers customers a free Gorditos’ Burrito Grande, aka the famous Baby Burrito, if they take a photo of their newborn (up to a month old) next to the burrito (it’s literally the size of a newborn). The photo gets featured on the baby burrito wall.

As the Gorditos website notes, “One of our customers was inspired to take a side-by-side comparison photo of his new born baby next to the burrito. Thus was born our baby burrito wall where customers have left us photos of their babies and burritos.”

According to TODAY, owner Shannon Hall features the baby photos on a wall in the restaurant, which now has 300 photos.  “A year ago, we had a set of twins which was pretty adorable,” Hall told TODAY.

The customer who started the baby burrito photo fad still brings his child, who is now 14 years old, into the restaurant every year to snap a photo with that very first baby burrito photo.

Gorditos is hoping to start a digital wall of babies and burritos, you can submit your photo here or find them on Facebook and share your photo.

Image: Gorditos Baby Burrito Wall

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