New Product Idea: Post Partum Rogaine

So long, my lovely locks!

Uhhhhh. It’s started. The hair loss. This weekend, I must have pulled a hundred long, red hairs out from between Arlo’s baby crevices in his arms and neck. I untwirled several from between his fingers. The dreaded realization that these long, luxurious locks I’ve been enjoying care of pregnancy hormones are now making their exit.

If it’s anything like my first experience, I’m sure I’ll have some breakage right along my hairline too. Why must this happen? Pregnancy is so hard on the body – but the thick hair and nails are such a fantastic benefit. With all of the shifting and adjusting our bodies must do during the post partum period (including the squishy belly, and sagging skin), you would think our dear heads would have the decency to hold on to those lovely hairs until the rest of us goes back in place.

But alas, the hair loss has started. They are falling out in alarming numbers and made worse by my dear son’s ability to grab big handfuls of hair and yank, yank, yank.  I truly understand why so many mamas decide enough is enough and cut their hair short.

So I’m not sure where this post is going… am I writing this just to vent? is this my goodbye letter to great hair days? Or am I just PO’d that my shot at every becoming a Pantene spokesmodel is totally shot.

All of the above, I suppose.



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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