New Shades for the Little Dude

So now that we know that Arlo has extreme sensitivity to sunlight, I’ve been feeling really guilty about the trips we made to the lake and beach where he was outside without any kind of protective eye wear. From what I’ve read, bright sunlight can be really painful for people with Occular Albinism if they are not wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes.

I had several people send me a link to Baby Banz. Have you seen these awesome little sunglasses before? They’re great for all little ones – not just those with eye sensitivies – as they provide the highest UV protection of any children’s sunglasses available. Even better, they have a soft, adjustable strap that makes sure they stay in place on little heads. I am excited for Arlo’s to arrive so that I can have peace of mind that he is comfortable when we are outdoors.

Sunday we met some friends for a picnic in a local park and I had to improvise on the sunglasses front since Arlo’s new shades haven’t yet arrived.

[After the jump, check out the slightly hilarious shades our little dude had to sport to make sure his eyes were protected.]

Fortunately for Arlo, he’s got a big sis with an impressive sunglasses collection. She kindly let him borrow her favorite polka dot shades until his new ones arrive.  I think he really pulls them off.

Here’s looking at you, sweet boy!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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