New Snugli All-In-One Car Seat Of Awesomeness

The new Snugli car seat changed my life. My baby is not a fan of the infant car seat. Who am I kidding, he hates it. Picture screaming child every time we go for a drive. Forget about using it to attach to the stroller as an easy travel system because he ends up screaming on our lovely walk. With my two older kids I kept them in the infant car seat as long as they were within the weight and height limits. I endured their screams because I was worried about putting a baby into a so called all-in-one car seat. I mean, how can it possibly be safe to use the same seat from infancy through 7 years of age? I decided to give it a try and oh how glad I am!

Our last convertible car seat had expired so it was time to get a new one. Lucky for us Snugli came out with a brand new all-in-one car seat that has this super cool padded infant insert that keeps my tiny boy all safe and snug and when he outgrows it all I have to do is pop it out. In fact it’s so easy to pop it out that I can use the car seat interchangeably with my 3 1/2 year old! What I love most about this seat is this new outlast technology. It actually keeps the kiddo’s temperature balanced, they don’t get too cold or too hot while riding in the car seat. No more sweaty baby. Maybe that’s what my littlest dude didn’t like about his infant seat or perhaps he just wanted a more comfortable ride. Whatever it is his new Snugli all-in-one car seat keeps him happy, which makes us all happy.

I realize that I can no longer just plop my kid into the infant car seat, then snap the infant seat into the stroller. You know what? I’m glad. I find that I hold him more often and get more baby snuggles and sweetness. He usually ends up falling asleep in the all-in-one car seat now and I just transfer him to a carrier or stroller. If I had it to do over again I would have skipped the infant seat and gone straight to an all-in-one car seat. Or maybe it was fate since the Snugli just came out with this awesome new outlast technology. Whatever it was it’s made riding in the car a happy time and a sleepy time.

Both of my boy love it so much we may have to go buy another one! Check out he Snugli Outlast Technology here.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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