Study Shows Adult Adoptees Just as Well Adjusted as Their Non-Adopted Peers

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A couple of days ago I posted Why I’ll Never Tell My Adopted Daughter That She Was ‘Born In My Heart’.  In it I shared that contrary to popular belief, I know a lot of happy, stable and successful adoptees — myself included. This morning I opened my Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute November Newsletter, and a study caught my eye. Adult, female adoptees who had spent a few of their early years in an orphanage now show no statistically significant difference in mental health adjustment compared with similar women who did not experience adoption.

The research, conducted by Alan Rushton et al. and published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is titled The British Chinese Adoption Study: orphanage care, adoption and midlife outcome. In all, approximately 100 Chinese girls adopted in the United Kingdom were interviewed and given standardized questionnaires at midlife. Questions included their physical health, life satisfaction and mental health outcomes. No differences were found between the adopted and non-adopted women in the study.

I suppose no differences found means not newsworthy, but I think this one is. Consistent with my experience, studies like this one continue to show that all adoptees are not the same and the majority are doing well. I hope more research like this is in the works!


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