New Years Eve Plans? Wearing Sequin Heels & Dancing in My Living Room

Last year I rang in the New Year at my parents’ house with Mr. Darling, my littles, and my 75-year-old Grandmother while we watched their dog. I thought to myself – what is going on here? My parents are out and I am watching the dog? But then I realized, I am a mom now of 4.

Well this year, not much has changed. I am still a mom. But with 5 littles now. So what are my plans? Looks like it will be the same thing as last year, except I will be at home. I plan to have a dance party in the living room with my kids while my hubs rolls his eyes at us. I plan to roll out the fun poppers and cute hats. We will be watching Ryan Seacrest and all the fun New Years countdowns on TV. And who knows — I may end up dancing by myself. I am sure I will lose a few to sleep before the ball drops. But on New Year’s Eve I don’t try and put them to sleep, because it’s all about making memories.

These are the things your kids will remember. The fun pictures they will look back on. The moments they will tell friends, “Well, my mom always..!” I am sure they will finish that with “danced like a fool.” But I like to be a fun mom. I like my kids to laugh and smile with me and remember all the fun times we have — the memories we’ve made. I probably wouldn’t hire a babysitter even if I could because, well, it’s a holiday. And like to spend it with my kids. Crazy to say, right? You wouldn’t hire a babysitter if you could? But, I want them to remember the fun times and holidays we spend together. They couldn’t do this with a babysitter. And the one time we did go out for New Years Eve, it was just to a friend’s house, and we came home before the ball dropped. Just in time to sing karaoke with our kids. Of course this was back when we only had two littles. Well, times have changed and so have my plans.

But one thing is for sure. I will still be putting on a little party dress, fun sparkly tiara, and my sequin heels. Just because I am home doesn’t mean I still can’t dress up for the occasion. It makes it a little bit more fun too! Try it — I promise, if you are celebrating at home this year, wearing your favorite little dress will instantly be a lift. Don’t forget the heels too! Go ahead. Be fancy. 

a look back at last year + my sparkly heels

What are your New Year’s Eve plans with your littles?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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