Newborn Baby Can't Cry

vidcap_102709-babyCrying – it’s the only method newborns have to signal to their parents that they’re in distress.  Hunger, pain, fatigue, discomfort — it’s all expressed through one kind of cry or another.

But what would happen if your baby couldn’t cry? Little Devon, son to Jody Woods and Joshua Sutterfield of Cullman, Alabama was born without that ability. His vocal cords are paralyzed.

When Devon does cry, says his parents, the only sounds that come out are muted squeaks. But what’s far more dangerous for Devon is that when he struggles to cry, his vocal cords close off his airway, and he turns blue.

Devon is currently being cared for by doctors at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, where his parents have moved into the Ronald McDonald house. A family that was already in serious financial trouble before Devon’s birth, Woods and Sutterfield are now facing eviction from their home and recently lost their car.

Local media are reaching out to the public for help. You can find more information about Devon’s story here.


Article Posted 8 years Ago

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