Newborn Bath Time Essentials

Possibly the most confusing part of having a newborn is knowing how often you need to clean it. How dirty do babies get, anyway? Do they really need a daily scrub down? Is it lazy parenting to go two, three, four days between soakings? (If you ask me? Uh . . . lazy is just another word for “smart.”)

But far worse is the bath aisle of your local baby goods store. Plastic tubs, rubber duckies, towels with hoods, special soaps and wash cloths . . . spout doohickers shaped like whales . . . Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably don’t need any of it (especially not in the beginning).

After the jump, I’m sharing my five newborn bath essentials I absolutely could not live without.

1. Bath Buddies Natural Bath Sponge

I really like a natural sponge in the bath because it makes the perfect lather and holds a lot of water (perfect for sudsing and rinsing chubby baby parts).

2. Safety 1st Play Safe Comfy Bath Cushion

First, the Puj Tub didn’t fit in my sink, then I had nowhere to store what I suspected was just a useless plastic bin I’d just have to keep clean (ONE MORE THING, I swear). So when I found this cute, weighs-nothing little froggie, I knew I’d met my bath time soul mate. I lay it in the tub, fill the tub an inch or so with warm water. When bath is over I roll it up, squeezing out the water, and then I stash Mr. Froggie and his sponge pal in . . .

3. Tubby  Bath Storage

This cute orange storage bag suctions to the tile in the bath so I have everything I need in arm’s reach. (Including those bath toys that I am sure Huck will one day appreciate. Until such time I will continue to spell Huck’s name out in foamy letters because somebody should enjoy them, darn it.)

4. Burt’s Bees Baby

I tried a lot of soap/lotion combos on Huck’s dry skin before I finally found a winner. We love anything Burt’s Baby Bees at our house, and we’ve come to equate that sweet, honey-filled scent with all things comfort. There is nothing better than a clean baby in a footie pajama, is there?

5. Little Seed Green Hooded Bath Towel (no longer available online)

I received my favorite hooded bath towel from one of my very best girlfriends, who knew I’d appreciate the brand’s back story (owned by Punky Brewster herself!). Since then it’s become my go-to towel. It’s heavenly and thick, and in the beginning when Huck was pooping and peeing indiscriminately, a thick towel was a necessity. No need to be getting all peed on while waiting for the bath water to heat up! (Another huge selling point of the Little Seed brand: no embroidered animals on the hood to scratch up my sweet baby’s forehead — have you checked out the back side of those cute little embroideries? Youch!)

6. Basic Grooming Tools (Comb, Brush, Cotton Balls)

After he’s freshly cleaned and all lotioned up, I like to perform some basic grooming. Part of me figures I’m easing him into the habit of taking care of himself early (boys are notoriously anti-primping, aren’t they?) but that’s just an excuse, because combing your baby boy’s head out is dang fun (mohawk? gentlemanly side part? the no longer popular ¬†Caesar-a-la-Clooney?). I like to have a comb to rake up any cradle cap, a baby brush to smooth out his hair, and some cotton balls to get his ears nice and dry.

What bath time items do you swear by? And how often did you bathe your newborns? (The irony of this post is that Huck hasn’t seen the bathtub in four days (clogged drain). (We’ve been sponge bathing him.) (I promise, he’s clean!) Fill me in!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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