Newborn Pee Habits: Counting Diapers, Checking Colors

Curious what to expect when it comes to your newborn’s urine output in her first few days? Let’s find out!

Delayed Start 1 of 9
A newborn may urinate only once in his or her first 24 hours. But by day six, urinating eight to 10 times a day is common.
Determining Pee Output 2 of 9
If you are using disposable diapers, it may be difficult to know precisely how many wet diapers a baby has. You can place a piece of paper tissue in the disposable diaper to detect urination.

(Cloth diapers make wetness easier to detect.)
Surprising Shades of Red and Yellow 3 of 9
Frequency aside, parents are often surprised (or worried) by the color of urine they see inside Baby's diaper.

Early urine may be orange colored and resemble blood in the diaper. Orange-colored urine contains nitrates, a biproduct of bilirubin, which means your baby needs more fluids.
Increase Fluids for More Wet Diapers 4 of 9
If more fluids are in order, breastfeed or offer formula more often. If by day five your baby is not urinating every four hours, notify your child's pediatrician.
Baby's Birth Day 5 of 9
On the day your baby is born, expect 1 wet diaper and urine that's reddish-orange.
Day 2 of Baby's First Week 6 of 9
Expect 2 wet diapers and urine that is a paler orange color.
Day 3 of Baby's First Week 7 of 9
Expect 3 wet diapers and urine that is bright yellow-orange.
Day 4 of Baby's First Week 8 of 9
Expect 4 wet diapers and lemon-yellow urine.
Day 5 of Baby's First Week 9 of 9
Expect 6 to 8 wet diapers and urine that is light yellow.
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