Baby’s First Photo Shoot

Your baby is only a newborn once, and it’s only for a very brief time, so it stands to reason that it’s probably a good idea to capture that teeny tiny cuteness before it evaporates into thin air.  This is the reason people hire newborn photographers, right?

Well, I am usually a newborn photo hater.  I know people love them, but I’ve always just thought they were sort of a cheese-fest.  Mommy and Daddy contorting their hands into heart shapes in the foreground to create a loving little frame for itty-bitty baby who lays sweetly blurred out in the background…it’s just not my cup of tea.

But, my friend Lisa Warninger, photographer extraordinaire, came by to meet Fern and took some newborn photos of her…non-cheesy photos.  But, naturally the moment the camera came out my baby turned into the the most uncooperative model ever.  Newborns are supposed to sleep during newborn photos, because it’s just cuter that way.  No one wants their baby looking all cross-eyed in their first photos.  But, apparently Fern is a bit camera shy and decided she wasn’t going to sleep and that she was going to spend the next three hours wide awake and mostly crying.

Lucky for me Lisa is a baby whisperer and was able to snag some good shots in between all the tears.

Check out Fern’s first photo shoot after the jump!

  • The shoot started out with her sleeping sweetly. 1 of 14
    The shoot started out with her sleeping sweetly.
  • Fern loves her some swaddle action. 2 of 14
    Fern loves her some swaddle action.
  • My sweet sleeping baby. 3 of 14
    My sweet sleeping baby.
  • Still sleeping. 4 of 14
    Still sleeping.
  • …And sleeping some more. 5 of 14
    ...And sleeping some more.
  • Teeny tiny baby feet. 6 of 14
    Teeny tiny baby feet.
  • My little bundle of joy. 7 of 14
    My little bundle of joy.
  • Mommy + Baby. 8 of 14
    Mommy + Baby.
  • Snuggle time. 9 of 14
    Snuggle time.
  • Yawn! 10 of 14
  • Looking intently. 11 of 14
    Looking intently.
  • Doggy friend. 12 of 14
    Doggy friend.
  • Buddies. 13 of 14
  • Let’s be real…this is really what most of the shoot was like. 14 of 14
    Let's be real...this is really what most of the shoot was like.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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