Newsletter: Five Months

5 months

Dear Henry,

Oh, little guy.  Where do I begin?  We’ve all been through a lot over these past few months what with moving from Utah to Pennsylvania, but you have probably weathered it better than all of us.  You are a little trooper.  As long as you’ve got Daddy, Mama or Violet in your line of vision, you’re a happy dude.

The single most common comment we get about you is What a little grinner he is! You are always smiling.  Always.  It can be three in the morning and you wake up hungry yet the minute I peep over the edge of crib you grin as if you just won the lottery.  Listen dude, if you can smile while beholding what I look like at three in the morning you are aces, forever.

Sometimes, like now, I’ll be typing on my computer next to you and you’re just doing your Henry thing, I’ll pause to look at you and the minute you see me looking at you, you flash those pinky gums as hard as you can.  Oh my.  True love forever, kid.

It’s just like they say, I couldn’t quite imagine exactly who you would be before you were born and now I can’t imagine life without you.  You zoomed to earth, fitting right into the Henry-sized hole in our little family.

We were certain that you were going to be a terror.  It’s just the way karma works, you know?  Your big sister, Violet is a terrific kid, so we figured we were in for it with you.  We braced ourselves for all night crying sessions, long, sleepless days filled with fussing… The works.  But I’ll be damned if you aren’t a better baby than your sister was.

However.  I can see that eventually you’ll probably be more of a handful than Violet.  Take this morning for instance.  You turned five months old yesterday and you’re already trying to crawl.  Dad put you down next to me and you immediately whipped onto your stomach, tucked your knees under your chest and began trying to spring at me.  You’d waggle your little backside in the air to pick up momentum and then BOING!  You’d launch at me like Superman.  Except you’d fall on your face.

Each time you realized that you couldn’t make your limbs do what you wanted you’d roar in frustration and try it again.  I was laughing so hard at what a determined little feller you are but you weren’t having any of it.  You kept trying over and over and over again until I forced you to stop because you were making yourself so mad.

Hank, you are my beautiful, guy.  I have always dreamed of having a little boy and here you are.  Better than I could ever have imagined.  I can’t wait to cheer you on from the sidelines of your life, watching you learn and grow and become the person you want to be.

The other night I just marveled at what an awesome boy you are and, as I cuddled you to my chest, I talked out loud, telling you how unbelievably lucky I am to get to be your mama.  Because I am your mama forever.  Nothing can ever change that.  No matter what happens I will always be your mama and you and your sister will always, always be my babies.  Thank you.  Oh yeah.  Grow some hair wouldja?



P.S. Below are some of my favorite photos of the first five months of your life.  And there aren’t just a few.  We moms have a tough time eliminating photos of our babies.  So if this turns into a version of watching your aunt’s slide show from her vacation to Arizona last winter, apologies.  But I had a lot of catching up to do.  In the future we’ll streamline this business.


  • Henry Is Born 1 of 32
    Henry Is Born
    Henry's first few breaths in the world
  • 7 pounds 11 ounces 2 of 32
    7 pounds 11 ounces
    7-11! I hope this is a sign that his favorite food will be nachos from 7-11, just like mama.
  • Little Dude Tries To Focus 3 of 32
    Little Dude Tries To Focus
    All cleaned off and ready for some boob action.
  • First Night In The Hospital 4 of 32
    First Night In The Hospital
    Two nights and we were outta there. Cheaper that way.
  • First Photo With Dad 5 of 32
    First Photo With Dad
    We almost named him Serge, after dad, but decided we wanted to give him a "fresh start", whatever that means.
  • Leave Baby Alone With Dad For 2 Seconds 6 of 32
    Leave Baby Alone With Dad For 2 Seconds
    The first time I went pee I came back to discover Henry, a few hours old, wearing a fishing hat and a "Henry" license plate, courtesy of dad. Guys are weird.
  • Blue Eyes? 7 of 32
    Blue Eyes?
    I hoped that since Violet looks exactly like her dad, Hank might have blues eyes like me. This picture fueled that hope. Alas, they are the exact shade of hazel as Dad & Violet's.
  • Sleeping 8 of 32
    This photos was taken on one of the first few days after Hank came home from the hospital.
  • First Tub 9 of 32
    First Tub
    Little guy loves the tub. He'll kick and splash until you stage a tub intervention
  • Max Babysits 10 of 32
    Max Babysits
    We let Max babysit a few times so we could catch a flick. What? Max was totally cool with it.
  • Henner & Mama 11 of 32
    Henner & Mama
    One of the rare photos of Henry when he's not grinning.
  • Big Love For Dad 12 of 32
    Big Love For Dad
    This is one of my favorite photos of Henry. He just looks angelic to me.
  • Dad & Henry 13 of 32
    Dad & Henry
    The two dudes, hanging around the house.
  • First Easter 14 of 32
    First Easter
    Tried my hardest but I couldn't keep the little guy awake for his Official Easter Portrait taken by yours truly.
  • Gentleman’s Quarterly 15 of 32
    Gentleman's Quarterly
    How YOU doin'?
  • Lounging 16 of 32
    Just chillin' on mama's bed.
  • Little Brother 17 of 32
    Little Brother
    One of the rare Henry and Violet photos. She is just now beginning to acknowledge his existence. "You mean he's staying?"
  • Henry Soprano 18 of 32
    Henry Soprano
    Serge snapped this photo of Henry in his Easter ensemble and dubbed him "Henry Soprano".
  • GQ Take 2 19 of 32
    GQ Take 2
    Hello baby. How do you like the cut of my diaper? What is it about miniature adult clothing on babies that is so great? The tie kills me.
  • Here Comes Trouble 20 of 32
    Here Comes Trouble
    Henry kind of looks like a superhero here.
  • Photo Shoot 21 of 32
    Photo Shoot
    I dolled him up for a photo shoot with the local paper who was interviewing me about mom blogging.
  • Breastfeeding 22 of 32
    I lasted three months.
  • All Dressed Up And No Place To Go 23 of 32
    All Dressed Up And No Place To Go
    What is it about moms that we simply have to take photos of our babies when we get them all dressed up?
  • Serious Face 24 of 32
    Serious Face
    Hank contemplates the meaning of life and what is in his diaper that's bothering him.
  • Grinner 25 of 32
    Flopping all over the floor like a freshly caught fish. It's how he travels.
  • Mom & Henry 26 of 32
    Mom & Henry
    One of my favorite photos of me and the little guy.
  • First Gay Pride Parade 27 of 32
    First Gay Pride Parade
    The first of many, hopefully.
  • S’up? 28 of 32
    Dad playing dress-up with Henry.
  • Backyardigans 29 of 32
    My favorite photo of Henry and Dad. Look close and you'll see Milo lounging in the background.
  • Still Diggin’ Tub Time 30 of 32
    Still Diggin' Tub Time
    This photo was taken this month at our new house
  • Future Fisherman 31 of 32
    Future Fisherman
    Serge has been saving this hat since well before his birth and finally, it fits.
  • First Pool Exerience 32 of 32
    First Pool Exerience
    And he loved it. Look at the grin on that kid!

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