Nicknames, Names and Who are You Anyway?

Around month three of my pregnancy it became odd to call the fetus inside me “the baby” so we gave it a nickname. And the nickname we chose? Mozzi. From Willie Garson’s character on White Collar. (Thanks for not killing him off USA!) Mozzi became such a household name that Vivi was still referred to as Mozzi for the first few days of her life.

I’m not sure how parents with more than three of these things running around do it. I’ll scream “ADDIE!” when I mean “VIVI!” only to say “MOZZI!” and then panic because “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE ANYWAY?”

It let me to wonder…do you call your kids by their name or some ridiculous nickname?

Ironically we have taken to calling Vivi “baby” or “the baby” but it’s said with kind of a funny accent which is kind of a nickname in and of itself. It feels weird to call her Vivi and even stranger to call her Vivienne (aside: we never even spoke her name aloud during my pregnancy, we only wrote it and alluded to it. Even Addie didn’t know her sister’s name until she was born.)

I mean, one of my best friends calls her almost two year old son “Budzo.” I have no idea where it came from but it comes out of both her mouth and her husband’s mouth so naturally. Before Vivi was just “the baby” she was “sad baby” (oh. so. sad. baby.) My other friend has a “loud baby” and another friend has a nickname so ridiculous for her baby I can’t even utter it here. Addie started out as “smooshie” then “smoosh” then “mooshie” then “moosh” then “the moosh.” Talk about evolution of a nickname.

Who knows what we’ll call Vivi next, it may even be her name of all things. What about you, nicknames or real names? Or have you taken the “HEY YOU! NO! THE OTHER ONE!” approach in your house? (Can you even IMAGINE what it’s like for Mama Duggar?)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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