Nine Months: The Deets

Time must be accelerating. I can’t believe that Tate is already 9 months old. He’s now been out as long as he was in, and that feels pretty monumental. In so many respects he seems more like a little boy than a baby. It’s been such a joy to watch him grow and change into the little person he is. Here are the latest details on Tate.


Birth: 7lb 8oz
9 Months: 20lb 8oz


Birth: 21 1/4″
9 Months: 27″

Acquired Skills

You crawl everywhere all the time and get up to all sorts of no good. You follow me around everywhere I go and beg for scraps of food like a puppy. You spend about half of your time standing up holding on to furniture. You have also learned to pull yourself up on my legs. Your balance is improving so much.

You say “mamamamama” all the time. Although I know you aren’t calling me mama, I adore to hear you say it.


Strawberries are a new favorite. You love feeding yourself, and are so much happier when you are.  There are very few things you won’t eat. You have even come around to eating jarred meat (your dad feeds it to you, I can’t get over the fact that it smells like dog food).

Nine months in, and we are still breastfeeding. And I don’t expect that to stop any time soon.


Your dad’s guitar. No matter where you are you stop what you are doing to find your dad when you hear him start to play. You also love to wrestle and play in general –  it’s so much fun.


Not being picked up when you have crawled to my feet and are pulling on my legs. The vacuum. It terrifies you.

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