No Gummies (Or Cavities) Allowed!

No gummies (or cavaties) allowed!When I was pregnant, I always drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what our kids might look like. I wondered if they would have my husbands fantastic hair and dark complexion. And I prayed they didn’t get my stumpy toes and poor eyesight.

Not that I had any control the genetic code whatsoever, but it was fun to dream and speculate what kind of person I was growing in my womb.

And now, as my babies are growing up into little people, traits and similarities are slowly starting to pop up and emerge. I must admit, it’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

One not so fantastic hereditary trait that’s recently reared it’s ugly face is my “soft” teeth. Back in the day when I was growing up, I had my fair share of cavities and dental work done. My dentist always classified my teeth as “deep and soft”. Deep groves that are hard to clean, soft teeth that absorb everything. Also known as “where cavities grow and thrive”.

While I don’t really know what type of teeth Paul will have, I know without a question of a doubt that my seven year old daughter unfortunately has my teeth. From a very early age, ever since she first sat in the dentist chair, the poor thing has had cavities.

Because we know she has “soft” teeth, we’ve made some healthy adjustments in our eating habits.

A few things we almost completely avoid:

1. Soft candies like gummy bears and taffy.

2. Soft gummy vitamins and supplements.

3. Fruit leathers and strips.

4. Juices (although sometime we drink orange juice, as a treat).

At first, skipping the fruit leather snack was the hardest, as we were eating a lot of them because I thought they were a healthy grab and go type snack. We’ve been a completely gummy free house now for a few years, and my kids don’t even try to ask for them anymore.

What foods do you steer your kids away from, for the sake of their teeth?

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