No-Heat Curls and NyQuil.

The first cold of the season has struck in the house of us and so far it has only struck me. But, oh, has it struck me hard. It started out as a throat thing, you know, where you begin to wonder if you swallowed nails or dined on cactus unexpectedly. Then it turned to mucous. Today it took a turn for the worse. Sinuses, throat, cough and general overwhelming malaise. Today I was reminded that WAHMs don’t get to call in sick. But sometimes they do get to go to bed with a cupful of NyQuil and their hair lazily pulled up into no-heat curls. (Have you guys done this? IT’S AMAZING! Like doing your hair BUT YOU DIDN’T REALLY DO ANYTHING!) So what’s it like being sick with a baby around? There were only a few mishaps.

Vivi doesn’t nap. She takes two tiny, kitty naps that last approximately 22 minutes each. Basically enough time to go to the bathroom, check email and shove a few handfuls of food into my mouth. So snoozing away the sickness? Not so much of an option. A large portion of the day was spent staring at each other. Very little strain on my part and she enjoyed it immensely. I attempted to convince her of the validity of naps “OH VIVI! IF YOU WERE TO NAP THE SUN WOULD SHINE BRIGHTER!” but she didn’t fall for it.

About mid-afternoon, the mucous had overtaken my very existence, making the use of a neti pot non-negotiable. Vivi was fascinated by the sound (oh, by the way? I have a motorized neti pot. It hurts so so good). However, when I was done I bent over to pick her up and due to the force at which the water was sprayed into my nose I must have had some stored in my frontal lobe and IT STARTED TO RUN OUT. I had to abandon Vivi care duties and hang my head upside down until all the junk had drained from my various face holes.

I told my childless sister-in-law that “sick” becomes a relative term once you become a mom. If you can stand upright? You’re not sick enough, yet. Gone are the days of calling in sick and nursing yourself back to health. In are the days of powering through with vitamin supplements, copious amounts of water, prone positions on the floor with your baby and the Ellen Show on DVR.

If you’re lucky enough to be sick on a night when your husband doesn’t have to work the next day? You may even get to toss back some NyQuil and sleep in. Which is almost worth being sick.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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