No More Room In My Womb

I’ve always heard that at some point, you’re going to know when you’re done having kids. A feeling of peace and contentment will well up deep inside your soul, and a feeling of finality will wash over your heart.

That you’ll be able to look at your life, your family, and what you’ve created, and know the unit is complete.

Even though I have four kids, I’ve been listening and waiting for THE FEELING.

I mean, I’ve been telling everybody for years now that 4 kids is our stopping point. And I think I’ve been saying that, because it’s what society (and quite frankly, all our friends and family), want to hear us say.

Because raising four kids is for crazy people. And raising five kids is for the clinically insane.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe.

But recently, I was blindsided with THE FEELING. Something happens in my life that led me to instantly know that my husband and I are 100% done having children. And no, it wasn’t anything medical, I’m pretty sure all my lady plumbing work just fine. But THE FEELING of knowing “we’re done” has finally arrived.

It’s an absolute fascinating feeling. To know my family of six will always (Lord willing) be six people, and not seven. To look at a pregnant woman, or a mom cradling a newborn, and celebrate with her, but not want to be her, or long for what she has.

I’m the luckiest gal around, being intrusted with these four amazing little impressionable people. And it’s exciting to dream of our future, knowing that everybody is finally here.

That FEELING people talk about? It’s a real thing. I know.

Do you know you’re done having kids? Or are you still waiting for THE FEELING?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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