No Screen Time for Under 2 Say AAP

My baby using the iPad - and guess what, he isn't 2 years old - he's 2 months.
My baby using the iPad - and guess what, he isn't 2 years old - he's 2 months.

Last week I wrote about the 15 guidelines set forth for infant sleep safety and SIDS risk reduction released by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP).

Now the AAP is saying that children under the age of 2 should have NO screen time.

The report is vague on stating which type of screen or media your children should stay away from. I am going on the assumption they AAP means: no TV, no computer, no iPhone, no iPad.Nothing. Nada. NO SOUP FOR YOU, er, I mean technology.

As a digital mom who blogs for a living about technology and kids, I don’t agree with this.

Sure, my kids, particularly my younger ones, are NOT in front of the television all the time. Nor are they constantly on the iPad. But putting an absolute statement that there should be NO screen time? I find that mighty ridiculous.

I agree that unstructured play offers huge benefits. So does technology. I’m not sure that an adequate study of the long-term effects of children and screen time could be done, seeing that technology changes so quickly. Sure, TV has been around, but I would venture to say that children today who get this screen time are on multiple forms of media (TV, iPad, iPod, etc.).

But I’m just a parent, not a doctor. I just have four children, two of which are most likely totally messed up because they enjoyed screen time before the age of two.

I find this amusing from the AAP’s report:

In a recent survey, 90 percent of parents said their children under age 2 watch some form of electronic media.

So I guess that means that 90 percent of children under 2 could be messed up as well from this screen time.

While I understand that the AAP means well by all that they say, this absoluteness of their report of NO just rubs me the wrong way. To be honest, I really am not liking these people. I sure hope my Pediatrician doesn’t say anything about screen time at a well visit. She will get an earful.

Read the full report from AAP here.

Here is our third child, age 4 months playing with the iPad. I know, I’m such a bad parent.


What Are Your Thoughts on Screen Time and Children Under the Age of 2?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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