No… Your Baby Isn’t Allowed To Eat In Public!

You are out in public with your baby, and you stop off to the side to feed your little one, and you are told… Nope!   You can’t feed your baby in public, instead you have to leave, pack up, get in the car, go home… all so your screaming infant can chow down.

Yes, there are really people out there who think this is what mothers should be doing. And as a mother, I am shocked, and slightly sickened.  Not because people are that rude and inconsiderate today, but because they would actually put a little baby through that instead of sucking up their adult hangups and dealing with a eating infant.

In the past few weeks I have seen dozens of articles come through my google alerts asking the question if babies should be able to breastfeed in public. Like this should really be a question we need to ask in the year 2011. Especially with all the laws that now protect breastfeeding in public, and all the work and progress that has been put into the subject.

I guess as a parent, I can’t understand why there are people out there who would rather hear a screaming baby, than see them breastfed.  I mean, where is the outrage over all the bottle fed babies eating in public?   Clearly babies eating are just incredibly offensive, so lets ban them too right?    Can’t just discriminate against one group!   (Cue the heavy sarcasm!)

I have even seen the new campaign against breastfeeding go to the extent of co-workers, or in this case, you could certainly call these people co-irker’s, be offended by seeing the little black bag most breastfeeding mothers carry their breast pump to work in.  Yes… grown adults offended by a breast pump in a bag!   What is this world coming to?

Will there ever be a day when women can just feed their babies and not be hassled by others?

It makes me incredibly sad for these mothers, and babies!

Just yesterday during a family trip to Target, I had to take Addison outside to our minivan and feed her. I cannot imagine having to pack everyone back up, with a screaming baby, drive 20 minutes back home just to feed her, then head back out for the evening. Talk about inconvenience!

Breastfeeding mothers have rights, and so do those helpless little babies depending on their mothers for food.   Grown adults should suck up their crappy hang ups and deal with the way babies were actually meant to eat!

End of rant!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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