NoseFrida, Must Have Baby Item



Just go buy one or order one online, there’s nothing else to say.

Okay, if you insist I will explain. I’ve had three kids and found that the bulb sucker from the hospital works decently at getting out the snot…or so I thought. My newest addition caught his siblings cold at the grand old age of two weeks. Our middle child had RVS and was in the hospital for four days so we knew what to look for if our baby went into distress. Sure enough, he did and his breathing was labored. Off the the ER we went where they suck gunk out of him with hospital grade machines. Fortunately he was well enough to come home, but how was I going to get that nasty snot out of his nose so he could breathe? The pediatrician told us to buy a NoseFrida immediately.

I had heard of this new product, but was skeptical and it sounds gross. You see, the plastic end is placed on the baby’s nostril and you suck on the attached tube to remove the snot. Admittedly, it is gross, but after you give it a try and see the relief in your baby’s breathing you will fall in love. You will also be shocked at how much is actually up there. Makes those bulbs seem like a joke. Sure my little guy cried a bit at first, but once he figured out the relief that came with this product, he now calms right down when he sees it. We can’t live without the NoseFrida now. In fact, on my quick trip to Oregon a couple of weeks ago I forgot it and I ran around town until I found one.

See more at NoseFrida or do what I did and buy one on Amazon.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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