Not Your Granny’s Hard Candy

As a kid, I always associated hard candy with old people and going to church on Sunday morning. And if I dig a little deeper in my childhood memories, old people and church on Sunday always went hand in hand.

You see, my grandma had a small dish of hard candies next to her davenport. You know what a davenport is, right? It’s not a couch or sofa, it’s totally (insert eye roll) different. Or at least that’s what grandma made us believe. And then additionally, growing up my mom would always give my three sisters and I a few pieces of candy to occupy us duringĀ  the church sermon. Because if the mouth was busy sucking, it meant it wasn’t talking.

After church, we would always go to grandma’s house for brunch, which typically consisted of beef roast and pickled beets. And always, for dessert a few stole pieces of Werther’s from the candy dish.

Fast forward 25 years. Unfortunately, grandma passed away a couple years ago, but the legacy of her candy dish lives on. My eight year old, who has a disturbingly sharp memory, still to this day remembers her great-grandma’s love of Werther’s.

Last week, my husband and I took our family on a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World to see The Magic Kingdom. Since we were vacationing during the Halloween season, we took advantage of Micky’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. If you ever find yourself in or around the Orlando area in October, I highly suggest checking out this event, because it basically blew our minds. Any-who, I digress.

So at the party, kids can go around the park dressed in costume trick-or-treating. And the thing is, because everything is so magical, you get the good candy, and lots of it. And low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to find that of the stations was handing out none other than Werther’s caramel apple filled hard candies. Piper was instantly geeked because she remembers well these candies from great-grandma’s house.

But a funny thing happened when she popped one in her mouth. She exclaimed “hey, this isn’t like grandma’s! It tastes like a caramel dipped apple!” And she’s right, a totally new-to-us flavor of Werther’s. The candy we remember, but with a welcome added twist.

Oh grandma, we miss you dearly. But thankfully, the hard candy tradition lives on.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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