Nursery Art: Lovely Gift or Too Personal?

I'd bang a hole for this one.

Disclaimer: I have a really hard time banging a hole in my wall. Art has to be truly perfect for me to take the plunge and pull out the hammer. I even have my own pieces, which I love and picked out myself, on bureaus and mantles and shelves, ready to be whisked away at a moment’s notice. Weird right?

So my question is for people who are not crazy and have a healthy relationship with wall decor. Does a piece of art make a good gift for a new baby? There are so many gorgeous things available to hang in the nursery. Would you love to receive the gift of artwork? And then my second question… What do you do if you hate it? Hang it anyway (dread), hide it in a closet and pull it out when the giver comes a-calling? Unload to a friend? And I’m thinking no on this last one but… come clean and let them know it’s just not your style? Also, does size matter?

Yup, Jacinda’s bringing the hard-hitting issues of today straight to your desktop. HA! So, what do you think?

This beautiful Calico Cat print is from Gingiber, one of Babbles’ 50 Best Etsy Baby Shops.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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