Let Nursery Decorating Begin!

Let the nursery decorating begin!
Let the nursery decorating begin!

In 2009, when we found out we were pregnant with our third child – we bought a nice crib thinking if we had four we’d be able to reuse it. Needless to say, we didn’t expect to have babies THIS close together (they are 16 months apart).

That being said, when it came time to put together another nursery  – we had to buy a new nursery set.  After much searching and debating on nursery furniture, we went for something affordable and simple.  Done and done.

But then comes the decorating. We haven’t decorated our baby’s nursery yet!

Our baby is coming home to an empty nursery. Seeing that he or she will be spending the first few months in our room, I’m not too worried, but anxious to take this on as a maternity leave project.

Here is what I do know about the nursery:

Needs Decor!
Baby's room needs decor!

Money is an Object

#4 we love you, but we’ve had to rearrange our entire house to get you your own room – which has costs us some Benjamins.  Therefore, we’ll be skimping on the expensive and looking for affordable and D-I-Y!

The Brown Walls are Here to Stay

Our #3 had the room before, and it was decorated in sock monkeys. We’ll be keeping the brown walls and working in whatever decor. See MONEY IS AN OBJECT. 🙂

Fun is a Must

I’m so done with PRETTY. Been there done that. I want FUN!

Remember the Room is for Baby

With the last bambino, I mentioned we did a sock monkey nursery. In my mind, I had the most darling mobile chosen for the room. Gone was the obnoxious colorful mobile that we had with #2, I wanted coordination! Our babe had NO interest at all in the mobile. I guess he isn’t much on style. meh!

How Did You Decorate Your Nursery? Themes? Colors? Do Tell!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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