NYC Health Department Is Fast-Forwarding Babies’ Immunization Schedule Due to Measles Outbreak

Photo Credit: Injectionn/Flirckr
Photo Credit: Injectionn/Flirckr

New York City is in the midst of a measles outbreak that I am watching carefully. The first measles vaccination (MMR) doesn’t occur until age 12 months old, which leaves younger babies vulnerable. The NYC Health Department is advising that children within the infected regions of the city receive their second MMR vaccinations now instead of waiting until ages 4 to 6 — not only for the children who have only received one out of the recommended two doses, but also for the more vulnerable babies in the community not yet old enough to be vaccinated.

In January, I wrote a post “We’re All On The Same Page With Vaccinations Now, Right?” following an graph published by the Council on Foreign Relations,¬†which¬†depicts vaccine-preventable outbreaks. Little did I know how relevant it would become. My daughters, ages 12 months and 16 months, will receive their second MMR dose several years early at their next pediatrician visit. Personally, I’ve had three MMR doses and have nonetheless contracted Mumps and Rubella. While the vaccine works for most, some people’s bodies just don’t create the protection — although this is rare.

I’d rather not get the measles. About one-third of reported cases of measles have at least one complication. Health problems caused by measles can include diarrhea, ear infections, pneumonia, seizures and infections of the brain and nervous system. In some cases, measles can cause death. Pregnant women with measles are at a higher risk of miscarriages and premature labor. Measles is more severe in infants, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems and those ages 20 and older.

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