Oh, the Pain of Teething

teethingMy life is completely consumed by a teething baby right now.  I expected the crankiness, but I didn’t expect to see my foster daughter cry in pain.  You know that pain cry, the one that puts moms entire body on high alert.  Adrenalin pumping, it doesn’t seem crazy to me anymore that women can lift entire cars off of their child in an emergency.

The other night, Sandy, who was already fussy, sat in her highchair and started to cry a pain cry.  It was obvious that her gums were hurting by the way she grabbed at her mouth and attempted to sooth herself by gnawing on her bowl.  I pulled out the frozen berry pieces which have been our main go-to.  She gobbled them down only to scream in pain again just a few minutes later.  This time I decided that the problem was that her mouth had gotten too cold.  I gave her a teething ring, she tossed it away.  I gave her some crackers and they seemed to hit the spot for about 15 seconds.

Frantically, I started pulling out all sorts of stuff to soothe the pain and itch of teething…frozen washcloths, Melba toast, more textured chew toys.  I felt so helpless. Isn’t being a baby hard enough?  Why do they have to go through teething as well?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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