Oh, The Places You'll Nurse (Day Seven)

Hey, my boobs have seen a lot of action in a lot of interesting places this week, how about yours?

I have to tell you, I feel as though I’ve reached a certain level of boob dexterity that I did not know existed to a flat-chested girl like myself. Black Belt Nurser! Do you think that’s a real thing? If not, can I be one anyway? Your boobs don’t wear belts, is the problem, but does that matter?

Together, Huck and I have nursed sans cover: in the mother’s lounge at church, at a Borders Cafe, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, at a hair appointment, on the C train, on the B train, at Riverside Park (twice), during play group, at Girls’ Night (is it really Girls’ Night if I bring my baby? Deep thoughts), on a Central Park park bench at dusk, in a cab, in a Starbucks on the Lower East Side, on a stoop on Prince Street in SoHo, while shopping at Anthropologie, in Sacrament Meeting in the Chapel at church, and, most awkwardly of all, in my living room front of my brother-in-law. Hooray! (Am I never home? Or does my kid just eat a lot?)

At this point, nursing in public without a covering is not a big deal to me. I don’t even give it a second thought. Hungry? Have a boob! Fussy? BOOB. Tired? BOOB. Wham-bam-THANK-YOU-MA’AM. And the good news is, I’ve had enough practice discreetly latching Huck on and off this week that I could probably nurse in front of the Pope without blushing. Don’t quote me on that, though.

I have to say, the best part of this experiment has been the support and solidarity from other nursing mamas on the Internet. At the beginning of the week, I challenged my blog readers to send me photos of themselves nursing for this post. And boy, did they! It actually moved me to tears! Their photos (and more) after the jump.

Get ready for a whole lot of amazing women feeding their babies!

she is breastfeeding on the red carpet, people!


(I lost the source for this one, and it is killing me! Is this you?)









yours truly

Would you look at all these rockstar mamas? Does my heart good, is what!

Public nursing has taught me to respect myself, my body, and my baby enough to do what is right for us regardless of what I fear others may be thinking. Period. That was my goal through this experiment all along. And you know what? What is right for us may not be what is right for someone else. Ain’t life grand?

You may be asking yourself, what now? Should Natalie write a book? Should she go on Oprah to share her experiences? Perhaps she should attempt nursing on Mars? Or on some other zero-gravity environment? Will she be going back to the boob cape now that her week of public breastfeeding is over?

Well. Let’s just say, that Bebe Au Lait cover will make a great superhero cape for Huck someday. Until then, it’s nice to have some extra room in my diaper bag.


(Please feel free to link to your nursing photos in the comments!)

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