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I’m not gonna lie. The mister has been gone for going on 6 days now and I am in over my head. #SendHelpNow. He’s on a tour with Nathan Rogers, playing all the songs he grew up with in his dad’s studio – from Nathan’s dad, the late great Stan Rogers.

Some of you may not know who that is, so Ima going to school you. Because Stan is a Canadian folk icon and you’ll be the better for knowing. He was a legend really, a voice of and for the people. He sang of ships and hard-working people, the Great Lakes and Ontario.

A maritimer himself, he sang majestically of the East. Stan died a tragic death on Air Canada flight 797 at the Cincinnati, Ohio airport on June 2nd, 1983. He was coming home from the Kerrville Folk festival in Texas. His death did not bring an end end to the inspiration his music brought to people from all walks of life. It only solidified it, as is often the case with musical legends.

I think of this, and him (Stan) and Nathan, the importance of sharing this music with new generations. I think of our families and us wives and babies of the boys in the band who miss their men. I think of how important is is for the mister to be on this rewarding musical journey. I think of all these things and more, every-time I procrastinate over my epic to-do lists in preparation for Blissdom by watching umpteenth episodes of Breaking Bad (after the kids are in bed), because I am utterly exhausted by 8 pm. Or when I feel like burrowing my head under a pillow, or run screaming down the street. For all of their awesome…the combo of toddlers and babies? Have been known to test more than one good soul’s patience.

Also? Wine helps. And dark chocolate. Like I said. Not gonna lie.

As does Pinterest and We Heart It, because I come across completely random images like this:

We Heart It
Photo via: We Heart It

Which brings a great chuckle to this weary mama over her Monday morning coffee. But unfortunately can’t make her stop talking about herself in the third person. However. Let it be known, that I am acutely aware (in his absence), of just how much I may, on occasion, take the mister for granted. I think us mamas may all be a little bit guilty of this. I’m not saying they don’t drive us crazy with their antics, I’m just saying that all of that doesn’t really matter.

Because at the end of the day, a present and loving father? Is THE SH*T. Which then helps mold children who are the SH*T. Prolific stuff huh?

Photo via: Natalie fro Baby List of Pinterest

*Side Note* This post is brought to you by Netflix (toddler) and naps (baby). No thanks to Family Day and the daycares that are closed…doesn’t the world understand about Blissdom? Sheesh! I think us bloggy mama’s should call for a re-schedule of that one. (Family Day). Who’s with me? Because I’d rather enjoy Family Day with my littles, rather than having a sitter come over whilst I work.


Top Image Credit: Julie on Pinterest

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