On The Benefits of Having An Older BFF

My little girl has her a BFF. And the evolution of their sweet relationship could not make my heart swell anymore. These two are bonded for life yo!

As a sponsor to our daughter, this young man is the son of my own BFF. The fact that we are passing this bond down to our off-spring? Oh, the generations. There must be something special in the love between our families, something in our blood that is attracted to each-other, where love just magically blossoms and is nurtured with respect and admiration.

I look forward to watching their relationship grow and flourish. Of all of Abby’s sponsors (read more about her Naming Ceremony here), this gent is her youngest. As her parents, we think this is pretty cool. As she gets older, she will have an older friend, but one who is younger than her parents or the rest of her parents. ]

A valuable thing. I mean, who’s going to want to talk to us old squares all the time? I like where this is going. (Currently, he is the most awesome babysitter, ever). So do they, I think.

  • Overload 1 of 7
    Od the cute. In spades.
  • Bright Eyes 2 of 7
    Bright Eyes
    Where's my shades momma?
  • Must Grab All The Things 3 of 7
    Must Grab All The Things
    Obviously. It's a giant floaty birthday cake people!
  • Deep Thoughts 4 of 7
    Deep Thoughts
    As seen here, pondering what, I'm not sure. Something brilliant though, probably.
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    Top Down
    Shadows and soft, cool waves glisten amidst the shards of hot bright sun. It's in this moment that all is well and good.
  • The Great Escape 6 of 7
    The Great Escape
    Ready to venture out on her own.
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    All In a Day's Work
    Simple moments, simple images. Evidence of a delightful summer's day gone by.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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