On The Dreaded Double Stroller

I googled "Huge Double Stroller" to get this image. It DOES look huge!

It’s no secret: I like having babies. I mean, I’ve had only one, but so far, it’s been pretty darn fun. More please! (Not this second!) (Maybe, like, next year!)

But one thing I am not so excited about is this idea of having to get a double stroller. Yikes, double strollers are nuts.

See, once I picked out my winter coat (folks, this was a trial), I discovered extra space in my brain for obsessing, and naturally, my brain chose double strollers to worry over, because, well I don’t know why. Because why not? Sure, let’s go with that.

But then, the other day while I was pushing Huck in his Maclaren Volo (I love that little Volo sucker) and pondering the cosmos above, I saw the funkiest double stroller I’ve ever seen, and then I was all, I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. MAYBE. MAYBE THIS IS SOLVING ALL OF MY PROBLEMS! MAYBE? MAYBE.

(To be continued . . . after the jump)

It’s called a Kinderwagon. I had never seen one before. It’s essentially an inline double stroller without the bulk, and a double-wide umbrella Maclaren without being double the wide. So, basically, THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Possibly?

I was so intrigued by it I nearly stopped cold on the sidewalk and got run over by foot traffic. People! Never stop cold on the sidewalks out here! Scary stuff.

So, now I have some questions: Do you think it’s easy to maneuver? There isn’t much wheel padding or shocks going on, do you think it could handle the snow? Is it comfortable for passengers? (Is this something I have to consider now? My child’s comfort ?!) What’s the storage like under there? Is it as light weight as it looks? Do they fall apart? Etc etc.

My aversion to bulky double strollers in my tiny apartment tells me I’ll need this, but my “If it looks too good to be true, it is” meter is on High Alert. Do you have one? Have you seen them in action? What are your thoughts?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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