On Yoga Balls, Colic & Mommy Friends

Bounce it up yo.

What do colic and a yoga ball have in common? A thought that didn’t even cross my mind until yesterday. Or a ‘regular’ fussy baby/toddler for that matter? LOTS.

I wish I would have known about this sooner, which is why I am sharing here. Really…out of all the articles I have read, I’ve never come across this soothing method. As you have probably guessed by now — it’s simple.

Sit and bounce while holding your babe. Our Abby loves to be bounced — pretty much constantly. That, being swaddled, held and sucking — are the top ways in which she is soothed. Of course we can’t hold her all the time, but in the middle of the night? Or when I’m getting my HGTV/Food network fix on? Or when I’m utterly exhausted and numb = walking all over the house, not so much? Bring it.

What I love most about this idea is the portability. From room to room — obviously dragging a rocking chair around isn’t ideal, and really — the walking and bouncing has always been best. This? Hello, kegel and toosh workout. Nothing hardcore obviously, but something. Which brings me to the fact that I have not been working out all, the way I did after my 1st, to loose the pregnancy weight (of which there is lots), and tone back up. Another post, another post.

I also highly dig that we can deflate and pack up for our many travels and hotel stays. This has winning written all over it. How/Where did this fabulous idea come under my radar? We went to a welcoming party yesterday to meet a new baby in our community.

The new momma there, the fierce Jennifer Podemski (who is working with me on an exciting new mommy-venture, more on that later), was all about it. Bouncing away from room to room with her newborn whilst being a fabulous hostess. Both of our littles are close in age, and we both have a vested interest in our native communities. I look forward to this next chapter in our lives, our little one’s lives. Exciting times ahead, not the least of which — bouncing babies on yoga balls!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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