Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby!

Hopefully she'll have stronger neck muscles for next month's photo.

Yesterday was Fern Winter’s one month birthday and I can’t believe how much she’s changed in that short amount of time!  Even though her personality is just beginning to emerge, we’re already learning so much about what she likes and dislikes.  Because of this, I’ve decided to commemorate each month of Fern’s first year by taking a photo of her and writing about all of her likes and dislikes that we learn about during that month.  I’ll also share 10 of my favorite photos of her from that month.

So far, we’ve learned that Fern likes:

*her swing chair, *car rides, *rap & hip hop, *loud noises, *boobs (breastfeeding), *sleeping in our bed, and *being awake at night

Things that Fern dislikes include:

*her bouncy chair, *getting dressed, *Katy Perry (she cried when one of her songs came on the radio the other day), *her co-sleeper, *getting out of the shower, and *being asleep at night

Check out my favorite Fern photos from her first month of life after the jump!

  • 1 Month Old 1 of 10
    This is Fern's 1 month photo with a list of her "likes" and "dislikes". She looks so teeny tiny and slouchy! Hopefully next month she'll be able to sit up a little bit better.
  • Birthday Crown 2 of 10
    At the school where I teach preschool, when it's someone's birthday they make a birthday crown to wear, so before Fern was born my students made Fern this "birth-day" crown. They came up with the idea all on their own and I thought it was so sweet!
  • Our First Family Photo 3 of 10
    This photo was taken when Fern was one day old and I love seeing it, because it brings back all of the great memories from her birth.
  • Sleeping Sweetly 4 of 10
    This was just a quick photo snapped after nursing. She looks so angelic in this photo - I love it!
  • Adoring Her Daddy 5 of 10
    This picture of Fern with my husband absolutely melts my heart. He is absolutely smitten with her.
  • First Bath 6 of 10
    My husband made sure to snap tons of photos of Fern's first bath...even though it was actually a shower. She definitely enjoys shower time.
  • Meeting Marley 7 of 10
    This photo is of Fern's first meeting with our German Shepherd Marley. Marley was a little unsure about her at first, but it seemed like she knew immediately that this was "our baby" and not just "any baby". She's become quite protective over her - like our own four-legged nanny.
  • Fashionista 8 of 10
    I love playing dress up with Fern. I hope this is something she continues to let me do for awhile until she can start playing dress up on her own.
  • Bright Eyes 9 of 10
    I love the light in this photo and Fern's bright gaze.
  • Nap Time With Mommy 10 of 10
    I'm a terrible napper, but this was snapped during a quick cat nap on the couch. It's one of the few photos taken of the two of us so far, because most of the time when we're together nursing is happening and you can really only have so many breast feeding photos.

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