One Year Later: 12 Months of Avery’s Photo Shoots

Oh my, how she has grown! I haven’t ever sat down and collectively looked at Avery’s monthly photo shoots. It’s hard to believe that just one year ago she was a teeny tiny little peanut and now she is walking and talking!

I didn’t do the monthly photos with my first, but because I knew that with a second child time always seems to go by much faster, I knew that I wanted to document month by month of her first year. I am so glad that I did. You will notice that my chalkboard skills start to diminish as Avery got older. That is because she was so much harder to wrangle for a photo session as the months went on. She wanted to either touch the chalkboard or try to crawl away from the camera.

I hope to frame all 12 of these photos in a big frame so that I can hang it on her wall in her room. Its’ always great to look back at her first year of life and see how much she has grown.

  • Month One 1 of 12
    Month One
    She just started smiling and was sleeping an average of four hours a night!!
  • Month Two 2 of 12
    Month Two
    She loved being held almost all of the time and preferred to sleep in her swing rather than her bassinet. Her relationship with Harlan really started to blossom this month because she started to interact with her more.
  • Month Three 3 of 12
    Month Three
    She accomplished sleeping through the night in her bassinet this month! She also loved to talk and babble with her sister.
  • Month Four 4 of 12
    Month Four
    She learned to roll from her stomach to her back this month. She also laughed for the first time!
  • Month Five 5 of 12
    Month Five
    She moved into her crib this month and was sleeping through the night! She was also a big drooler (as you can tell from the photo.)
  • Month Six 6 of 12
    Month Six
    She learned to sit up on her own and learned the army crawl! She was so close to being mobile!
  • Month Seven 7 of 12
    Month Seven
    She started crawling and was everywhere around the apartment! She also started solids this month and loved avocado!
  • Month Eight 8 of 12
    Month Eight
    She started signing this month and also started saying mama and dada! Such a talkative little girl.
  • Month Nine 9 of 12
    Month Nine
    She learned the word "no" this month and would say it along with shaking her head at almost everything. She also learned that she loves to copy her sister.
  • Month 10 10 of 12
    Month 10
    She started walking this month!! Little girl was on the move!
  • Month 11 11 of 12
    Month 11
    She found a love of Yo Gabba Gabba and would sit and watch it with her sister. One of her favorite things to do was to go in her room and play with her sister.
  • Month 12 12 of 12
    Month 12
    This girl is talking, walking, and ready to embrace all that toddlerhood has to offer!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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