Operation Lovey: Trying To Improve Sleep

So, we’re having some sleep issues around here. See, my almost 9-month-old has decided midnight is a fine time to nurse. I don’t object because an early night feed usually means she’ll go back to sleep until 6. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. After I stumble back to bed, she doesn’t always stay asleep. My lovely husband steps in and gets up to put her back to bed while I pass back out. What I didn’t realize is that he sometimes stays in there for an hour, dozing in the rocker while the baby enjoys a nice snooze on a big warm body.

And then my husband went out of town for two nights.

When I tried to put the baby back to bed after her midnight feeding, there was screaming. Two HOURS of screaming. Apparently, the nurse-then-daddy pattern is fairly entrenched and nothing else will do. Daddy would be okay with continuing this indefinitely, but since he travels regularly… well. Something has to give.

I gave it some thought after fueling my fogged brain with coffee and decided what N needs is a lovey. She’s never taken a pacifier so my husband and I are her only comfort objects. My hope is that a new, snuggly best friend will take the place of Daddy in the middle of the night so we can all have more sleeping and less crying.

Based on advice I’ve gotten from readers and friends, here are the steps I’ve taken in Operation Lovey!

  • Choose the Lovey 1 of 6
    Choose the Lovey
    People said the blankie-stuffed-animal combo loveys are great so we headed to Target to look for one. I shook a bunch in front of N and this giraffe made her smile the most.
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  • Double Up 2 of 6
    Double Up
    Everyone says get more than one and keep them in constant rotation so they wear equally. I grabbed two and will add more if N really takes to them.
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  • Make It Like Mom 3 of 6
    Make It Like Mom
    Moms told me making the lovey smell like me would help so I wear them around in my shirt and sleep with one in my bed. Yep. I'm 39 and sleeping with a lovey.
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  • Snuggle Up 4 of 6
    Snuggle Up
    In order to build an association between the lovey and comfort, the lovely hangs out with us during snuggles and nursing.
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  • Bedtime 5 of 6
    The lovey is now part of the bedtime routine and sleeps in N's bed with her. Here's hoping that all nights are as peaceful as this moment!
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  • Operation: Lovey 6 of 6
    Operation: Lovey
    Click through to see how I'm introducing a lovey to my baby!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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