Operation: Makeover Ugly Glider

world's ugliest glider

You may remember my lamenting our very poor choice in a rocking chair. Sure, it looked as though it came out of Don Draper’s office, but it was miserable to rock in; which of course is a bit of a problem when that is it’s main function. The chair is currently sitting in the corner with things stacked in it’s seat.

Last week, I had the fortune to stumble onto this very ugly, very free glider. My church group had a used goods swap and I was none to impressed when I got an eye full of the chair. But then, I sat on it. I could hardly believe my own ears when I decided to take the battered glider home.

I have big plans for this chair though. The metal frame is a perfectly non-offensive shape and the padding is still in good condition, it’s the worn pleather and swollen form that has it looking so sorry.

I am using this amazing project as inspiration for my planned transformation. Is the project over my head? Absolutely. And that is just the way I like it.

Have you taken on any nursery projects? How did they turn out?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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