Other Uses for Disposable Diapers

A few weeks ago I wrote about places to donate extra diapers, and please don’t misunderstand me, if you have a big collection of extra diapers you’re not going to use, I still highly recommend donating them, in fact, I’m looking into another great place for donations this afternoon. There are far too many women and children in this world who desperately need diapers for us to waste or hoard them.

But there are times you will find yourself with just one or two extra in the wrong size. Or your shelter won’t take an open package. So this list is more for if you have one or two hanging around or if you just happen to need to do one of the things that the highly absorbent disposable diapers will allow you to do. Because it turns out, they’re actually pretty useful to have around.

So, the key to using disposable diapers is that they’re highly absorbent. So the most obvious use is anytime you have a big liquid spill. I’ve been told they’re good for other, grosser jobs like cleaning up vomit because they don’t breakdown as quickly as paper towels and you don’t have to wash them like you would a towel.

They’re also a great temporary fix for a leaky pipe. Just open the diaper up and apply it as though the pipe is a very skinny legless baby. Then call a plumber, a diaper can only fix that for so long. It’s not magic.

Diapers can also be used a hot and cold packs. For hot packs, simply fill with warm water, close it up and apply to whatever part of the body you need it. For cold packs, fill with water and freeze. Or, if you have a wound, you can do what the hospital did right after I gave birth and soak it in witch hazel and then freeze it. If you do that, don’t close it up, just apply it directly to the wound/affected area. For both of these, just make sure it’s not too hot or too cold so you don’t burn your skin.

Disposable diapers can be used a packing materials for fragile items you’re shipping. I don’t think I need to describe how to use them here, it’s pretty straightforward.

Use a diaper as a water reserve in the bottom of a planter. According to my friend who is one of those ridiculous green thumbs, if you fill a diaper with water and put it at the bottom of a planter and then fill it with whatever dirt you’re supposed to use, it works as a water reservoir and keeps the soil wet and gets the plants to better take root. I’ve never kept a plant alive longer than a month, so you’ll have to take her word for it.

Diapers can also be used for a wound to both absorb blood if it’s bleeding heavily and to keep out germs if there’s a concern of infection on the way to seek treatment.

These are just a tiny fraction of all the things that can be done with extra diapers. Have you ever found an additional use for yours?

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