Our Best Friend For Baby Bumps and Bruises

Seeing your baby get hurt has to be one of the worst feelings on the face of the planet. The first time Fern got an “owie” I’m pretty sure I cried more than she did. And now that she’s crawling, I know that the bumps and bruises have only begun with all the tumbles she’s already taken and is sure to take in the future.

But, thanks to my homeopathic savvy mama friends I knew just the thing to have on hand in my *medicine cabinet (*it’s filled with homeopathics and not traditional drugs, so maybe I should call it a homeopathics cabinet?)… the best friend of bruised up crawlers and early walkers everywhere!

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The secret to getting rid of baby bumps and bruise?

Arnica gel!

When Fern got that first owie, I actually forgot about this stuff, but later remembered how much easier it would’ve been than holding ice on her head (*NOTE: holding ice on a wriggly baby’s head is near impossible). We actually used this at the birthing center where I had Fern, because she was born with a brow presentation which meant a really squished (misshapen really) head and lots of bruising. We actually called her our “little baby unicorn” for awhile there because her head was squished in a sort of point (you can see some photos here), but our midwives gave us some arnica gel and it helped the bruising to go down substantially even by the next day.

Since I remembered my trusty arnica gel, I’ve been applying it right away whenever Fern gets a little bump or bruise (more like a would-be-bruise, since she hasn’t actually had a bruise since I started using the stuff). It’s been great and so much easier than making her sit still while I hold cold ice on her bumps – not a fun task – and I highly recommend having some in your medicine cabinet!


 Do you have any home remedies you swear by for your baby’s little ailments?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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