Our Biggest Diapering Mistakes

Though I’ve spent a lot of time around babies, putting diapers on newborns was a whole new experience for me. And my husband had pretty much never diapered a baby, so he was a blank slate. Our first few days of diapering were complicated by how tiny our baby was. The newborn diapers literally fell off his skinny butt. Even the preemie diapers weren’t staying on.

When we got home we finally got into our groove and for a while, we were kicking diapering butt. But then we started to have leaks and it was time to investigate why.

The first major diapering mistake was forgetting to point his penis downward. You’d be amazed at how much pee can come out the side of a diaper. I learned this lesson at the pediatrician when out of no where, I felt damp and realized that my child was peeing on my lap. By the time I got up and got him off my lap, it looked alarmingly like I had peed my pants, which is exactly what I always want while in public. I can safely say that I have not made that mistake since.

The second major mistake was not lining him up within the two sides of the diapers. It turns out if you are trying to diaper a squirmy baby and are not paying attention, you may have a mess on your hands. There’s a reason why they’re supposed to be centered in the diapers and when they’re not? Well, have fun washing things.

The last was my husband’s big mistake for the first few weeks. He didn’t realize that the front of the diapers opened up like the back, so he was leaving them folded and just attaching the tabs. Sometimes it wasn’t a problem, but after the 3rd time I got peed on after a husband diaper job, I carefully deconstructed the diaper and discovered this particular issue. Since showing him how to open up the front we haven’t had any leaks.

Some leaks are unavoidable, but we’ve found that pointing things down, lining things up and opening the front of the diaper has really diminished the number we have to deal with. And that makes for a happy mom, dad and baby. And washing machine.

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