Our Dirty Little Secrets: Mom Confessions

I was thinking the other day about motherhood and how it is perceived by others. A lot of times it probably looks pretty fantastic from the outside looking in and don’t get me wrong – I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything – but a lot of what you don’t see is much less glamorous (for examples see here, here, and here).

Of course, this is a blog and you don’t want to read about all the downer parts of motherhood all the time – that wouldn’t make for a very good read – but, I still love bringing a little “real” into the realm of motherhood.

So with that, I’m suggesting we all have a little “mom confessional.”

I thought of this the other day when I was posting this lead photo above to Instagram  – a self-portrait of a seemingly fancy pants hair do I tried from Pinterest – along with the following confession:

“The only time I’m ever inspired to try out my Pinterest hair ideas is when my hair is so dirty that my only other option is to wash it. #momconfessions “

I’m sure we all have some dirty, little secrets worth confessing, so go ahead…confess away via social media! Tag your mom confessionals throughout this week (12/10 – 12/16) with the hashtag #momconfessions on Twitter and Instagram (Twitter: @LaurensLoDown, Instagram: @thelittlethingswedo)  and then we can all read them and enjoy the solidarity that comes with knowing we’ve all got a few dirty little secrets. If there are enough submissions, I’ll share them here on Babble!

The confessional is now open!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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